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Here are some glider stories and images supplied by our glider network members. Do you have a short story you would like to share? Use the form at the end to send us the details.

Lucky squirrel gliders

I am a wildlife carer and thought I’d just report in with my latest additions! They are both squirrel gliders.

Ripley and Rose came from Ipswich through the RSPCA on 16 September weighing 37g.

Their home and mother were lost when limbs were being removed from a tree. The worker was devastated, and by putting them in care, saved their lives.

They will be released in their own glider boxes in an area known to have squirrel gliders and safe from roaming cats.

sent in by Deb Turnbull, Wavell Heights

Lucy is a survivor

Lucy came in on 9 September weighing 50g. She was found alone curled up in the gutter on Norris Road, Bracken Ridge.

Lucy was about three months old when found, she would have died if she was not placed into care straight away.

Initially she was on five feeds a day – about every five hours around the clock.

They are fast growing so it was not long before she was feeding herself by lapping milk from a small bowl.

I collect gum and wattle for Lucy to eat. She will eventually be released back into the wild with a few other squirrel gliders.

The biggest threats to squirrel gliders are cats and the clearing of the trees.