echidnawatch_logoHave you seen an echidna lately? Wildlife Queensland’s EchidnaWatch program is gathering information on the distribution and abundance of echidnas in your area – and we’d like your help.

The only species of echidna in Queensland, and Australia – the short-beaked echidna – is one of our most loved and unique animals. With a distribution that extends from Tasmania to the Top End, this ambling adventurer can be found anywhere from the outback to the backyard.

We know that echidnas don’t cope well with traffic and sadly become roadkill. But we need to know the real extent of the damage that cars cause to echidna numbers. How well do echidnas cope with other modern hazards such as ant baits, fences and introduced pests, such as fire ants (see Living with Wildlife)?


EchidnaWatch aims to collate information on the distribution of echidnas in Queensland. We can share this information with Wildnet, the wildlife data repository for the EPA, and other organisations, to help plan for better outcomes for echidnas. We also need information on how the echidna is coping with modern hazards and introduced pests.

Get involved

Echidnas are considered common, but hard facts about their distribution are scarce.

EchidnaWatch is recruiting wildlife watchers. Wherever you live in Queensland, you can watch out for echidnas near you and tell us what you’ve observed.

Together, let’s build an accurate up-to-date picture of echidnas in Queensland.


If you have seen an echidna, please complete the online survey form or print out a hard copy and mail or fax the completed form to Wildlife Queensland.

It’s that simple.

Or if you have a story to share about where and when you saw an echidna, send it to Echidna Points along with a picture if you have one and we may publish it on our website.



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